Saturday 6 May 2017

Author Spotlight by Kimberly Livingston - Guest Post

Today Kimberly Livingston is stopping by to tell us a bit about herself and her books. Thanks, Kimberly! <3

Author Spotlight by Kimberly Livingston

I’m an American living with my husband in Colorado, (which for my UK followers is the middle to western half of the United States, right next to the Rocky Mountains). I am a Disney fanatic - Disneyland to be specific. I spend as much time there as I absolutely can. I currently am immersed in studying American Sign Language (ASL) and am trying to work that into a novel at some point in time.

I’ve had stories bouncing around in my head since I was a kid. I’ve always loved to write but never committed to a novel. I took a leave of absence from my job a few years ago and filled my days with writing. Best hours I’ve ever spent, in my opinion.

In the Eyes of an Angel was the result of that time. It is about a college student, Camille Ryan, who is eeking out a living as a bartender while trying to cram 8 semesters of college into 6. It is the story of her struggle with her father’s alcoholism, and with being raised by her mother to be independent. What Camille really wants is to have someone to just take care of her and love her. She meets Rick Pantanelli, a wealthy executive who happens into her bar one evening and falls for her. Camille sees in Rick the escape to the “easy life” she has been looking for. Rick sees in Camille a woman to mend his heart and make him want to be a better man. The problem comes when Camille’s friends convince her that he is too old for her and likely married as well.

The title, In the Eyes of an Angel, comes from when Rick first meets Camille and sees something in her eyes; a lightness and a strength. I see Camille as a very strong character underneath her fragile exterior.

I have just finished writing Change of Heart,  the follow up novel to In the Eyes of an Angel. It follows one of the characters on their own journey. Change of Heart  is set in Hawaii and so allows me to “escape” to the beaches as often as I want.  I am super excited about it and can’t wait for the cover to be completed and to put it up on Amazon Kindle.

When people ask me what kind of novels I write I often will say “a good beach read or perfect rainy/snowy afternoon escape”. If asked which author I most write like I say Susan Wiggs, who actually inspired me to write my first novel. the Blurb of In the Eyes of an Angel:

Camille Ryan is in her final year at Southern State University. Working as a bartender in a local establishment in order to support herself, she knows from her mother’s experience with her alcoholic father not to depend on anyone. That is until travelling businessman Rick Pantanelli decides to visit her bar. He is a handsome, well-off, successful professional and her senior by a full 17 years.

Camille is used to doing everything she is expected to do. But when she meets Rick she is swept away by his good looks, his charm and his ability to take care of her. Rick is used to getting what he wants. But when he meets Camille he is swept away by her beauty and her inner fragility. He finds himself believing he can take care of her. Is this belief strong enough to make him a better man?

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About the Author:

Kimberly Livingston visited Disneyland for the first time as a young girl. Since then the magic has infused into her blood and she remains an avid Disney fan! She lives in Colorado with her own Prince Charming. In the Eyes of an Angel is Kimberly Livingston's first published novel.  On A Run is her second novel.  Please connect on  twitter @KLnovels

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