Thursday 10 October 2013

Rhythm and Bluegrass by Molly Harper - Book Review

Rhythm and Bluegrass

From the Blurb:

Bonnie Turkle, multimedia historian for the Kentucky Commission of Tourism, is dispatched to Mud Creek, a tiny eastern Kentucky town, with few prospects but many oddballs, to rescue important artifacts from McBride’s Music Hall. Now fallen beyond disrepair, McBride’s was once a jewel of the early American music scene, an intersection of the country-western and rhythm and blues circuits. The former owner’s grandson, Will McBride, who also happens to be Mud Creek’s esteemed mayor, would like nothing more than to see the place bull-dozed in favor of a factory that will provide much-needed jobs to his citizens. But Bonnie finds evidence of a legendary musical event at the music hall and her plans to turn it into a museum put Mud Creek’s economic future at risk – not to mention the growing flirtation between the two of them. If Will and Bonnie can’t find common ground, the town’s past and future will be lost.

The Review:

Bonnie Turkle arrives in Mud Creek with a bang... literally. Her car catches fire and although she gets out in time, her baby (read: her laptop) is still inside. Never fear, Will McBride, Mayor of Mud Creek, is driving by and comes to the rescue. Needless to say, sparks begin to fly and not just those from the burning vehicle. Unfortunately, Bonnie is in town to restore the artefacts of the local music hall, which Will has ties to and which the town intends to pull down to replace with a factory. The story that follows is one of tornadoes, trailers, musical history as well as more than a few kisses and laughs.

I’m a long time fan of Molly Harper. I loved her How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf so much I’ve read it twice and every time I’m recommended a contemporary/paranormal/humor romance I find myself asking “Is it as good as Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs" since that has become some kind of unattainable ballpark for contemporary/paranormal romance awesomeness in my mind. So I was pretty excited when I discovered Molly Harper was writing a series of romance novellas. The second in this series of standalone novellas, Rhythm and Bluegrass, doesn’t disappoint.

Like all Harper’s characters, Bonnie is quirky to the point of being a little bit mad, in a totally relatable way. She makes geeky pop culture references including comments about Indiana Jones which I found amusing coming from a historian, like you just know she must have been disappointed at the end of her studies to learn that she wasn't going to be the next Indiana. But rather than smashing up tombs, Bonnie is set on protecting the history of Mud Creek even if that gets in the way of the Mayor's plans.

Mayor Will McBride is a gorgeous hero. He is naughty and sweet at the same time. He is determined to protect his town even though he only just became mayor and didn't want the position in the first place. And although he causes her a head injury in his attempts, he is protective of Bonnie as well. Their relationship isn't exactly the most steamy I've read and I wouldn't have minded if this novella had been a little longer to provide them with a few more opportunities to lust after each other, but, given this isn't a full length novel, their relationship is very sweet, amusing and just naughty enough.

Fans of Molly Harper might be a little surprised that there is no paranormal element to her Bluegrass Series, but the humor that is so unique to Molly Harper's books, and which makes them impossible to read in public with any dignity, remains the same.

If you are looking for a romance that will make you laugh out loud, you'll enjoy Rhythm and Bluegrass.

Rhythm and Bluegrass was published by Pocket Star and is available from Audible and The Publisher.

This book was given to Love Reading Romance in exchange for an honest review.