Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! 

To celebrate the New Year, here are a few of our favorite romance reads from 2013 (in no particular order):

Club Wonderland by Christine D'Abo (Erotica): Amazon | Our Review

Rowena's Key by AJ Nuest (Fantasy): Amazon | Our Review

Work in Progress by Christina Esdon (Contemporary): Amazon | Our Review

Masked Love by Nicole Zoltack (Historical): Amazon | Our Review

The Fencing Master's Daughter by Giselle Marks (Historical): Amazon | Our Review 

Heart of Iron by Bec McMaster (Fantasy): Amazon | Our Review

Rhythm and Bluegrass by Molly Harper (Contemporary): Amazon | Our Review

Improper Arrangements by Juliana Ross (Historical): Amazon | Our Review

Which books were your favorites in 2013?


  1. WHOO HOO! *Whistles and confetti* Thank you so much for choosing Rowena's Key as one of your favorite reads in 2013! Seeing that cover along with all those others has started my New Year with the best glow ever! Thank you, Helena! x

  2. How could I resist? I just love The Golden Key Chronicles TOO MUCH!