Wednesday 29 January 2014

Feeling Lucky by Kathy Bryson - Book Review
From the Blurb:

So, Megan O’Malley gave in to drunken temptation and pinched a cute guy’s ass at her cousin’s wedding. Who’d have thought a perfectly normal guy—okay, a bit short—was a leprechaun or that he’d have such a bad attitude about giving away his money?! Now that she’s captured him, Megan may be five million dollars richer, but she’s also got an angry leprechaun camped out on her sofa, doing his best to prevent her from becoming the business mogul of her dreams!

Fergus O’Reilly cannot figure out what he’s done to upset the Queen of the Fairies. He was working hard to rebuild his family’s honor when he took one small break to help friends play a wedding. Then some drunken lady pinched his ass, the Queen declared him caught, and now he’s broke, homeless, and hustling to stop the lovely lady with the wandering fingers from spending his money! This would be so much easier if she wasn’t cute and caring and determined to help with his so-called money addiction!

The Review:

When Megan gets drunk at a wedding, she has no idea what trouble she’s gotten herself into, all starting when she pinches one of the band members on the ass. While not the most socially acceptable behavior, she doesn’t imagine that this could cause her any lasting problems until she finds out that the band member is a leprechaun and the Queen of the Fairies gets involved! Now she’s caught a leprechaun and has to deal with all that this entails, from winning millions of dollars, to having the leprechaun take up residence on her couch… but is there anything so bad about having a sexy Irish man refusing to leave her alone?

I adored this story. It is the perfect combination of funny, sexy and sweet, as well as being totally original. I admit it was the originality of the idea of a leprechaun romance that made me want to read it in the first place, but once I started, I couldn’t put this one down.

Megan is a very pragmatic heroine, so she's understandably taken aback to discover the fantastical direction her life takes. Once she absorbs the fact that the man in her living room is actually a leprechaun, however, she's all ready to organize what needs to be done to make her new life work. This is easier said than done though, when the leprechaun in question takes a much more laid back approach to life and enjoys being deliberately difficult.

While Fergus' teasing of Megan begins as an attempt to get her to undo the ruling of the Queen (which has left him without a home and granted Megan all his money), it quickly becomes very flirtatious and the two of them develop a totally adorable relationship that is completely sexy too! Of course, nothing can be easy when the Queen of Fairies has you in her sights and the leprechaun you're falling for has an addiction to money. Megan has some work ahead of her, but it isn't without its perks.

There are so many really wonderful scenes between Megan and Fergus that had me laughing and falling in love at the same time. Feeling Lucky will capture your heart and tickle your funny bone, all the while making you wonder whether there really are fairies running the local gas station. 

Feeling Lucky by Kathy Bryson was released by Soul Mate Publishing on June 18 2013, and is available from Amazon.
This book was given to Love Reading Romance in exchange for an honest review.