Monday 24 February 2014

Keep Me Ghosted by Karen Cantwell (Sophie Rhodes Romantic Comedy #1) - Book Review

From the Blurb:

Ghosts. Do you Believe?

Sophie Rhodes doesn't have a choice. She's surrounded by them.

Desperate to pay the bills, 29-year-old Sophie ignores the advice of her stuffy spirit-friend, Marmaduke Dodsworth, and takes a job with the handsome Dr. Callahan, an optometrist with a desperate situation of his own. The good doctor's problem? He has a spirit-friend as well: one with a fiery crush and a vicious jealous streak. When chemistry starts to brew between Sophie and Dr. Callahan, his green-eyed ghost wreaks some bad-tempered havoc, scaring away his patients and putting Sophie on edge. Will Sophie give up the ghost and quit the new job, or buck up and find a way to rid Dr. Callahan of his pesky specter, freeing their romance to find a life of its own?

The Review:

Sophie's been dumped and she's broke, so she could really use the job she's interviewing for at Dr. Callahan's optometry office. It comes with some perks, namely a sexy boss, but there's also the downside of a ghost haunting the place, who wants nothing more than to see Sophie gone.

This story is fun from start to finish. Sophie is a hoot and Dr. Callahan is completely adorable. I love that they are both hopeless in their own ways, for example Sophie constantly talking to her pets as though they'll answer and Dr. Callahan essentially bluffing his way through the business side of his optometry office. But together they are perfect, making up for each others' inadequacies and simply being totally cute together - if only they can communicate how they feel to each other and stop all the ghosts from getting in the way!

This is a paranormal mystery romance, so throughout Sophie and Cal's blossoming relationship, they are also attempting to uncover the mystery behind the ghost in the office who is becoming increasingly violent and threatening to destroy Dr. Callahan's practice. This all with a wonderful dose of humor thrown in, most of all courtesy of Sophie's British-ghost-friend Marmaduke and their spirit seeing support group.

The only thing that could have made this novel better for me would have been a little more spice to the romance. It may, however, heat up in later novels of the series, but, by the same token, I suspect that other readers may prefer the sweeter flavor of Sophie and Cal's relationship. 

This is a funny and sweet paranormal romance that I believe most fans of light romantic comedies will enjoy. Think Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot, BUT WITH GHOSTS.

I 'read' the Audiobook, so what about the Narrator?

Nan McNamara was a great narrator for this audiobook. She really captured Sophie, from her quirkiness to her humor, not to mention her swooning around Dr. Callahan. She also succeeded in reading the other characters in a way that set them apart and made them recognizable, without having them sound forced. This was really enjoyable to listen to.

Keep Me Ghosted, written by Karen Cantwell and narrated by Nan McNamara, was published in 2013, and is 6 hrs and 20 mins in length. It is available from Audible, Amazon, and Book Depository.

This book was given to Love Reading Romance in exchange for an honest review.