Saturday 8 March 2014

Love Makes The World Go Round - Guest post by Julie Shackman
Today Julie Shackman is visiting Love Reading Romance to talk about her novel Rock My World and her favorite genre: ROMANCE!

“Love Makes The World Go Round” By Julie Shackman.

When I say I’m a romance writer, I wonder if some people imagine me sitting in flowing, pink satin,
staring off moodily into the middle distance?

The middle distance staring sometimes happens, especially if the dreaded Writer’s Block is peering
over my shoulder in a threatening manner.

When I began writing “Rock My World”, I’d scoop up my writing implements and head off to a local
coffee shop.

Often (thankfully) I’d feel as though I were joined by my three main characters – Stevie Vee, my
ghostly rock singer; Matt Jardine, the sexy and arrogant journalist and Ruby Cameron, my passionate
and slightly clumsy protagonist.

I’d study my notebook, look into the depths of my latte and then stare across the table.

Ferociously trying not to be distracted by Stevie’s charismatic “rocker” sneer and Matt’s wolf-like
grey eyes, I’d tune into the music playing in the background and write.

Drawing on all the wonderful books I’ve read and am still reading, I knew I just had to go for it.

I really cannot say enough about my favourite genre. Romance novels are diverse; original and
moving. Writers like Sophie Kinsella; Wendy Holden; Jenny Colgan and Jane Green have transported
me into wonderful situations and breath-taking worlds.

There were days when the words for “Rock My World” came tumbling onto the page and I couldn’t
write fast enough.

Then there were other moments when it didn’t come quite so easily.

But from beginning to end and in between, I loved every moment of writing “Rock My World”.

I hope my novel will make you laugh, cry, think and reminisce. That you gain as much enjoyment
from reading it as I did writing it.

Now back to losing myself in Matt’s compelling gaze – writing does demand a lot of dedication – but
there are a lot of positives to having an active imagination too…!

About the Author:

I trained as a journalist but writing romance has always been a dream of mine. When I’ve not got my head in a book or drafting one, I write verses and captions for greetings card companies. Writing at home seems to be incredibly difficult for me – I usually require coffee, music and noise.

“Rock My World”  is my first contemporary romance novel . I have just finished writing my second novel and am polishing that at the moment whilst beginning to do some research for my third. These are also contemporary romances with a good dose of humour (hopefully!). I’m married, have two sons and live in Scotland.

Author Links: Facebook | Twitter

From the Blurb of Rock My World:

Ruby Cameron is an ambitious reporter for a local paper where she is fed scraps of news, and lives with a man whose “idea of living dangerously is to leave the heating on when we pop out to the shops”. But after catching her squeaky clean boyfriend in flagrante delicto she ups sticks and moves into her own small home, only to discover the ghostly presence of a cheeky rock star who becomes her confidant as the dynamics of her small town, and her feelings about her dashing new boss, begin to throw up more questions than she can answer. Will Ruby discover who she really is, and perhaps more importantly, who she wants to be? 

Rock My World by Julie Shackman was released by Not So Noble Books on February 9 2014, and is available from Amazon.