Monday 27 October 2014

Unsuitable by Ainslie Paton - Book Preview
Today is the release day of Unsuitable by Ainslie Paton! I've been looking forward to reading this a lot, so I'm excited that Ainslie has agreed to share an excerpt with us. 

Thanks Ainslie!!

From the Blurb:

Can they make trailblazing and homemaking fit, or is love just another gender stereotype?

Audrey broke the glass ceiling.
Reece swapped a blue collar for a pink collar job.
She’s a single mum by design. He’s a nanny by choice.
She gets passed over for promotion. He struggles to find a job.
She takes a chance on him. He’s worth more than he knows.
There’s an imbalance of power. There’s an age difference.
There’s a child whose favourite word is no.
Everything about them being together is unsuitable.
Except for love.


On her knees at Reece’s side, she wanted.

Freshly, savagely, inappropriately. Without hope of it being reciprocal. Without shame. And until he opened his eyes and came back to life, she could have these feelings, sweat them, tremble with them, luxuriate in them.

She studied his face. High wide cheekbones that gave his face unexpected hollows. There was nothing else lacking in solidity, in heft, about him. He had a strong jaw that met at his squared off chin. Stubborn, that chin. Mia knew when he was being serious without him raising his voice. It was studded with dark stubble now. He had a surprisingly Cupid’s bow top lip. His smile was so wide, it thinned his lips right out so she’d never noticed it before. It was a good mouth for a man, wrought around happiness. He had a straight nose and neat close fitting ears. His brows sat flat until he was animated and then they arched and lifted with his smile. He could make Mia laugh just by lifting his brows. His eyes were almond shaped, narrow. They could make him look hard, dangerous. But his lashes were long and curled, outrageously girly in such a masculine setting. They were dark like his brows, like his tousled hair, and the traces of it elsewhere. When his eyes were open they were the most shocking deep green.

She could touch the hair that swept across his temples, a kind of cowlick from an informal side part. It was glossy. It would be silky. If she touched his hair, he might wake, and she wasn’t ready to give up this inert but so utterly powerful form of him yet, because he lit her up in places, in ways she’d forgotten about; with feelings she’d suppressed or denied, or lost to the hibernation that was single parenthood.

She could put her finger to his belly and maybe his breath would quicken. He might dream he was being touched. She touched him in their daily life, but it was more often accidental as they moved around each other. Here, she could put her hand on his chest and press, lean into him, her ribs to his side so she could bring her face close, breathe him. He usually smelled of soap and salt when he arrived in the morning. He had wet hair and a damp beach towel he’d dry on her line. He ran every morning on the soft sand and showered at the surf club before he came to her and Mia, bright eyed and big voiced with the morning. In the evening he smelled of tomato sauce, or magic marker, fruit juice or milk. Sometimes of sugar, often of unidentified kid grunge. He was softly spoken then, wound down by the toddler marathon of the day, but just as sharp eyed and ready to act.

When she woke him would his voice be gravel and grit? Would he wake violently with the shock of having fallen asleep in a strange place? Perhaps he’d have that mortified little boy look on his face. He’d worn it almost the whole first month. It was a look that told her too much about how much he cared what she thought of him. She didn’t need to remember that right now.


About the Author:

Ainslie Paton is a corporate storyteller working in marketing, public relations and advertising.

She's written about everything from the African refugee crisis and Toxic Shock Syndrome, to high-speed data networks and hamburgers.

She writes cracking, hyper-real romances about strong women and the exciting men who love them.

Ainslie lives in Sydney, Australia, not far from the beach and blogs at:

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Unsuitable by Ainslie Paton is a contemporary romance, released on October 27 2014.

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