Tuesday 9 December 2014

This Beautiful World by Elisabeth Jackson - Book Preview

From the Blurb:

After tragedy struck, she came home to be confronted again by the chilling mystery that had haunted her since childhood and rediscovered the one romance she always regretted not having…

As children, RaeAnne and her sidekick King were held captive after they discovered the body of a boy their age in a crate of apples in their small town’s peculiar orchard. Now RaeAnne is grown and the mother of a troubled young daughter. After her mother is killed in an accident, she travels home to her father with her daughter. But RaeAnne finds that she is not welcomed by everyone, and frightening incidents start to happen involving her and her family. As RaeAnne unravels the mysteries of her childhood, including what happened to her older brother, who vanished on the same night RaeAnne and King found terror in the orchard, she reunites with King. The boy she knew has grown up to be very handsome and guarded. But can the two ever be more than old friends who share a terrifying secret?


“You’ll  forgive  me  that  easily?”  I  asked,  looking  up.  

King’s  smile  changed  the  way  I  viewed  him.  His  face  was   more  than  handsome  to  me.  His  face  was  still  one  of  the  few  things   left  besides  Maddie’s  smile  that  comforted  me  anymore.  “I  forgive   you,  have  forgiven  you,”  he  said.  “I’ve  known  you  a  long  time,  Rae,   and  I  would  like  to  know  you  forever.  People  who  care  about  one   another  forgive  each  other.”  

“Friends  forgive  each  other?”  I  asked.  

King  tapped  the  side  of  his  wineglass  with  his  finger.   “Friends  and  people  who  love  each  other.”  

Unable  to  figure  out  which  category  he’d  fit  me  into  in  his   life,  I  just  smiled  back  at  him.  Then  I  picked  up  my  fork  again  and   took  a  bite.  “This  is  delicious.  Thank  you.”  

“Does  this  mean  you’ll  let  me  cook  for  you  again?”  

“Oh,  yeah,  I  could  definitely  get  used  to  this.”  I  took  a  drink   of  wine.  

King  studied  me  closely,  smiling.  “So  could  I.  I  hope  you   stay,  RaeAnne.”  

I  coughed  from  the  wine  and  set  down  my  glass.  “Spend  the   night?”  

The  color  in  King’s  face  deepened  as  he  leaned  back  in  his   chair.  “That’s  not  what  I  meant.  I  meant  I  hope  you’ll  stay  in  Cider   Town.”  

“For  good?”  

King  nodded.  

“We’ll  see,”  I  said.  

“That’s  all?”  

I  sighed,  then  sipped  some  wine.  “There’s  more  than  me  I   have  to  think  about.  I  have  to  do  what’s  best  for  Maddie.”  

“Returning  to  the  city  and  not  seeing  her  grandfather  as   much  as  she  could  is  best  for  her?” 

I  slammed  the  wineglass  on  top  of  the  table,  the  liquid   sliding  over  the  top.  “Oh,  no,  your  mama’s  tablecloth.  King,  I’m  so   sorry.”  I  mopped  the  spill  with  the  dinner  napkin  as  King  rose  to   help  me.  “And  now  I  probably  ruined  your  napkin,  too,”  I  said,   crumpling  it  in  my  hand.

King  gently  took  the  wet  dinner  napkin  from  me.  “It’s  all   right,  Rae.”  

I  felt  tears  warming  my  face.  King  put  down  the  napkin  on   the  table  and  pulled  me  close  to  him.  Pressing  my  face  into  his   chest  through  his  soft  shirt,  I  gazed  up  at  him,  and  I  no  longer  saw   the  boy  I  knew  while  we  were  growing  up  together.  His  jaw  had   defined  and  hardened.  Even  the  beautiful  green  in  his  eyes  had  a   steely  edge.  He’d  always  been  endearing,  and  in  high  school  he’d   gotten  handsome.  Yet  now  just  the  sound  of  his  voice  saying  my   name  could  calm  me.  It  was  then  I  knew  I  loved  him,  too.  


He  looked  down  at  me.  “What  is  it?”  

“What’s  next?”  

“How  about  we  watch  a  movie?”  

“Sounds  good.”  I  leaned  against  him  once  more,  then  he   took  my  hand  in  his  and  we  went  over  to  the  couch  in  front  of  his   TV.   


This Beautiful World by Elisabeth Jackson is a mystery romance, released by Astraea Press on July 21, 2014.

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About the Author:

Elisabeth Jackson loves the outdoors and dogs, rescued dogs in particular. This Beautiful World is her debut novel and blends haunting childhood secrets, romantic themes, second chances, and a mystery in a small town setting. When she is not writing small town Romances and Mysteries, she works as a freelance business writer. Her characters are inspired by the rural towns she has visited and lived in.

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