Wednesday 11 February 2015

A Wizard Rises by AJ Nuest - Book Review
From the Blurb:

The homecoming celebration held in honor of Princess Faedrah is fraught with perilous frustration. Her nightmares have returned thricefold and, to her horror, a horrendous blight has spread like a plague throughout the kingdom. Compounding her worries, Rhys’ arrival in her world has been welcomed with the exact horror-filled reaction she expected. Her beloved has been cast into the dungeons, and no amount of arguing with the king and queen will prove he’s her fated love.

Magical powers were supposed to be a gift, or so Rhys McEleod had always believed. Too bad the second he landed in Faedrah’s world the legacy he inherited slammed into his body like a weight. He’s got zero control and his constant visions of Faedrah fighting an evil entity aren’t helping. At least her parents made the right decision and stuck him away someplace safe. Until he can figure out his next move, prove himself an ally and uncover the clues to stopping Faedrah’s nightmares, he’s got no choice but to wait…and learn exactly what he’s become.

The Review:

NOTE: This is Book 3 in The Golden Key Legacy and it CANNOT be read as a standalone. If you are yet to discover the magic of AJ Nuest's world, and you love fantasy, romance, sexy heroes and awesome heroines, do yourself a favor and check out A Furious Muse, Book 1. Better yet, go right to the start and read Rowena's Key - Book 1 of the Golden Key Chronicles, where all the magic began.

I have to admit I’ve been a bit stuck on what to say for this review, because if you’ve already read Books 1 and 2, you pretty much just know Book 3 is going to be amazing. Nuest’s writing is flawlessly captivating, her characters are intricately woven and sexy as hell, the world building is fantastic in every sense of the word and the plot is the sort you couldn’t possibly put down even if an apocalypse was raging outside your bedroom window. Basically, I’m a rather big fan and Book 3 did not let me down.

In some ways, The Golden Key Legacy series is following a similar pattern to the Golden Key Chronicles, in so much as by Book 3, the honestly epic love between our hero and heroine has been well established by so much steamy, sexy, romantic deliciousness that one wonders whether one might need to see a doctor for all this swooning. Their internal crises appear(!) to have been dealt with and now they must contend with the building external drama – the plot of evil Gaelleod, driving Faedrah to sickness with nightmares as he gets closer to destroying the realm.

But Rhys has new problems. And this book is really all about Rhys. Is anyone complaining? Of course not. Because he is a sex god. Before Rhys and Faedrah can deal with Gaelleod and his approaching darkness, Rhys must learn to understand his new reality and work out how to control his suddenly extensive magical powers. It’s all very dramatic. Of course, being Rhys, he’s all up for being locked away for Faedrah’s protection until he can get himself sorted, which means that this is the first book we have more significant sections where Rhys and Faedrah are separated. I know! But don’t be sad because actually this book has two of my favorite scenes and the first is the most fabulous action scene as Rhys tries to utilize his powers in a duel with Vaighn. Oh Vaighn. So yes. That’s a thing that happens and it is amazing. The second of my favorite scenes I don’t want to spoil, but it’s so romantic and beautiful and magical and I was swooning all over again.

Usual warning for Nuestian Cliffhanger, but this time at least you know it’s coming.

I’m going to be devastated when this series is over.

A Wizard Rises by AJ Nuest is a fantasy romance, released by HarperImpulse on January 29 2015.

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