Tuesday 10 March 2015

Apologies and a Quick Romance Wrap Up!

First things first: We've got to offer a huge apology for the lack of content on the site for the last fortnight. It's been a little dramatic around here recently, so our poor little blog has been a bit neglected. SORRY!

We're busy trying to catch up on emails and, especially, new reviews, but before we share some of those we thought we'd do a quick romance wrap up for the last fortnight. Many awesome books have released during the last two weeks, and we can't possibly list them all, but there are three which we have particularly enjoyed reading and we'll be reviewing all these as soon as possible!

So without further ado, here are our top new romance reads of the last fortnight, including the conclusions to not one but TWO of our favorite romance series!!! EEP!

New in Rural Romance - The Road To Hope by Rachael Johns

From the Blurb:

Nurse Lauren Simpson is known in Hope Junction for the wrong reasons – and she’s over it. Watching the man she’s always loved marry someone else is the last straw – she decides to get out of Hope. But her resolve is tested when the hot new locum doctor arrives in town.

Doctor Tom Lewis also has skeletons in his closet – including a painful breakup and devastating family news. He’s hit the road with his vintage ute and surfboard, to travel the outback and live in the moment.

When Tom and Lauren meet the attraction is instant, but for Lauren Tom threatens to be just another fling and Tom has his own reasons for hesitating. Everyone else – their friends and patients – can see how perfect they are together, but just what will it take for them to admit this to themselves?

The Road To Hope by Rachael Johns is a new rural romance from Harlequin MIRA, released March 1 2015 and available from Amazon.


New in Fantasy Romance - A Time of Reckoning by AJ Nuest

From the Blurb:

Rhys had one job to do. One measly errand that shouldn’t have been a problem, given the nature of his powers. But when an old enemy reappears, detailing the result of his actions, Rhys is forced to make a choice between a future with Faedrah or dying before his time. Frustrated and out of options, he agrees to her suggestion they to leap forward in time to the future…even though a good chance exists his powers will be nothing but a memory in his world. Flying blind on a wing and a prayer, they prepare to fight for everything they love against a wizard of insurmountable power.

Faedrah does her best to gather their closest allies. The sides are squared in a war to control the future of both worlds. With the stakes so high, only one advantage has been cast in their favor. The sigil of utmost protection inherent in Rhys’ signature. If not enough to thwart the evil awaiting at the Austiere gates, she could find herself imprisoned in the future, while her kingdom and all those she has sworn to protect are lost to the mists of time.

A Time of Reckoning by AJ Nuest is a new fantasy romance from HarperImpulse, released February 26 2015 and available from Amazon. This is Book 4 in the Golden Key Legacy and it does not standalone! You can find Book 1, A Furious Muse, right here.


New in Steampunk Romance - Of Silk and Steam by Bec McMaster

From the Blurb:

When her beloved father was assassinated, Lady Aramina swore revenge. The man responsible is well beyond her grasp, but his dangerously seductive heir, Leo Barrons, is fair game. When Mina obtains evidence proving that Leo is illegitimate, she has the means to destroy both the killer and his son, a man who troubles her heart and tempts her body.

A woman of mystery, Mina's long driven Leo crazy with glimpses of a fiery passion that lurks beneath her icy veneer. He knows she's hiding something, and he's determined to unravel her layer by silken layer. He just doesn't expect the beautiful liar to be the key to overthrowing the corrupt prince consort...or to saving his own carefully walled-off heart.

Of Silk and Steam by Bec McMaster is a new steampunk romance from Sourcebooks Casablanca, released March 3, 2015 and available from Amazon. This is Book 5 in the London Steampunk Series. It can kinda be read alone, but I suggest you start at Book 1, Kiss of Steel, which you can find here.


...I still can't believe The London Steampunk Series AND The Golden Key Legacy are actually over... what do I do with my life now?

What are you reading at the moment? What series have made your life stop when they ended?

xx Helena.