Tuesday 17 March 2015

No More Talking by Rhian Cahill - Book Review

From the Blurb:

It’s all…or nothing.

Hearts Are Wild, Book 1

Zac Moreland knew he shouldn’t act on the sizzling attraction between him and his best friend’s little sister. But act he did, and he can’t forget that one night he let the heat between them burn.

Now, after months of doing everything in his power to avoid a repeat performance, he’s ready to admit defeat—and ready to go up in flames all over again.

Freddie never understood why Zac gave her the hottest night of her life and then the cold shoulder. But what she does know is that her eyes are wide open when it comes to Zac, and he better understand that this time she isn’t settling for anything less than everything.

Warning: Two people learning to be more than friends and a big brother ready to spill blood.

The Review:

Zac has been in love with Freddie since they spent one hot night together, but since then he's been avoiding her because you don’t screw your best friend’s sister. At his best friend’s wedding, however, there’s no way Zac can escape Freddie or the feelings she elicits from him.

Poor Zac. He spends a good chunk of this story getting punched in the face by the various men who supposedly have Freddie’s back. But he takes it like a man (I guess?), and doesn’t let it get in the way of getting Freddie back in his bed. He’s avoided her for long enough and now she’s back in his life, he can’t get her out of his mind. We don’t get to know a whole lot about Zac, except that he is a lawyer and is pretty freaking head over heels for Freddie – I suppose, in the end, that’s all we need to know for this length story! Though I would have liked his character to be fleshed out a little more.

We get to know a lot more about Freddie, who is sick of everyone looking out for her and waiting for her to break since she suffered from anorexia when she was younger. Now men are smashing in her sexy beau’s nose for the sake of her honor, and yeah, I’d find that pretty tedious too. But she’s more concerned by Zac treating her like she’s untouchable. She wants him to stop worrying about her brother, or breaking her, and take her like he’s shown he can.

So yeah, the sex is pretty passionate between these two. Despite apparent reasons to stay away from each other, they can’t help falling into bed together… over and over again. This is the focus of the story, which is well paced as a sexy erotic read, and Zac and Freddie’s desire and heat for each other is intense. That said, I personally would have liked a little more emotional development to go with the hot and heavy sex. In some ways, this story feels like we’ve come in part way through their narrative… we’ve jumped straight to the sexy times. Which has its positives, but it also meant that while I was sold on their lust for each other, I wasn’t totally sold on the love.

No More Talking by Rhian Cahill is an erotic romance, released by Samhain Publishing on March 17, 2015.

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