Friday 23 October 2015

Making Beautiful Music by Lily Malone - Guest Post

This week was release week for So Far Into You by Lily Malone! You can check out our review here

Today Lily Malone has stopped by to talk about the role of music in her novels.

Thanks, Lily!

Making Beautiful Music by Lily Malone
A few weeks ago on Love Reading Romance, I saw a post for the book ‘90s Playlist, a collaboration of stories by six romance authors and it got me to thinking...

I know of writers who play favourite tunes to get themselves in a writing mood, and those songs often become the playlist for a book; but for me, I like peace and quiet when I’m writing, so music is the last thing I’ll think of.

That said, music has played a reasonable part in my books.

In His Brand Of Beautiful the book begins with Christina waiting at the front door listening to By The Way by Red Hot Chili Peppers. There’s a hens’ night about to kick-off and she’s waiting for the stripper... not knowing there’s about to be a big case of mistaken identity when Tate (not Nate the Stripper) knocks on her front door.

Bruce Springsteen and Chilli Peppers get a work out in this book, as do some classic disco tunes at the end, including ABBA’s Mamma Mia.
In Fairway To Heaven, Bob Dylan is prime and centre. The hero, Brayden, loves Bob Dylan and various Dylan songs get a mention. Jennifer runs through her favourite Bob Dylan tunes and the song Love Minus Zero, No Limits comes up top. (Incidentally, my hubby and I used this song as a reading at our own wedding... cue ‘awwwwww’)

I wrote a novella, The Goodbye Ride, which was self-published and will be published by Escape Publishing next year. The hero in this book, Owen, plays guitar and there is a scene where he strums House Of The Rising Sun for Liv one afternoon.

But when it comes to music in my new book, So Far Into You, I came up blank.

The only reference I can think of to music in So Far Into You comes when Seth and Remy climb into Seth’s car and he turns off the Tchaikovsky sonata he’d had playing.

So it’s made me wonder why? What is it about Seth and Remy that gave them no music in their lives?

Well, when the book begins, Remy is in a pretty tough spot. Her father, who she wasn’t close to, has died and left Remy and her mother with substantial debt to a loan shark. Remy is working two jobs to pay the bills and the debt, and one of those jobs is what you might say, unorthodox. So with all this going on, I figured she just wasn’t in a musical frame of mind.

Seth listens to classical, but after everything goes wrong with Remy, he throws himself into his work with the intention to build the Lasrey Estate wine brand into one of the biggest in Australia and the world. Over those years, people describe him as becoming “hard” and “ruthless”, and so in this context, it’s probably no surprise he isn’t whistling Dixie in the shower.

Seth and Remy don’t hum, they don’t sing, they don’t dance, they don’t whistle... but when they reconnect five years after their world goes wrong, slowly, slowly, they learn how to make beautiful music together... (cue second ‘awwwwwww’).

I guess that’s a song all of its own.

xx Lily


So Far Into You by Lily Malone is a contemporary romance, released by Escape Publishing on October 22, 2015.
From the Blurb:

A new Australian rural romance about a millionaire wine tycoon, the woman he betrayed and the second chance neither was looking for…

When she cut her viticulture degree short and moved home, Remy wasn’t thinking about anything more than making the next dollar for her pocket. Working two jobs to keep food on the table and a loan shark from the door, Remy and her mother slowly build a new life together. Then a freak storm tears through the Margaret River Wine Festival — and Seth Lasrey tears through Remy’s life.

Seth is old money. She is no money. He’s the boss. She’s his employee. He is society connections and expectations. She is threats and bad decisions and lost dreams. They seem to be so wrong they can only be right — until a costly mistake and a timely deception drives them apart. Remy picks up the pieces of her life and begins anew. The last thing she expects is Seth to show up in her small town in South Australia, bringing with him memories that she can’t escape and a damaged heart that she’s not sure she can resist.

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About the Author:

Lily Malone is a journalist and freelance writer who discovered after years of writing facts for a living, writing romance was much more fun.

Lily juggles writing with the needs of a young family, and when she isn’t writing, she likes gardening, walking, wine, and walking in gardens (sometimes with wine).

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