Sunday 23 November 2014

Love Reading Romance - November 23 2014

Hi All!

Welcome to the week of November 23, 2014!

I have to start this post by offering a huge apology for the lack of new content on the blog this week. Stephanie is on holidays (lucky duck!) and I had one of those weeks when, for no identifiable reason, nothing gets done... There were two days during which I didn't even manage to pick up a book at all (argh!) and instead mainlined old episodes of The Real Housewives (Melbourne) - from now on those two days shall be known as The Days of Darkness.

See this is what happens when I'm left to manage things on my own. Let's not tell Stephanie and just keep this between us.

Without further ado, here are our top new release romance picks this week: in Fantasy and Science Fiction Romance - Gunpowder Alchemy by Jeannie Lin 

From the Blurb:

In 1842, the gunpowder might of China’s Qing Dynasty fell to Britain’s steam engines. Furious, the Emperor ordered the death of his engineers—and killed China’s best chance of fighting back…

Since her father’s execution eight years ago, Jin Soling kept her family from falling into poverty. But her meager savings are running out, leaving her with no choice but to sell the last of her father’s possessions—her last memento of him.

Only, while attempting to find a buyer, Soling is caught and brought before the Crown Prince. Unlike his father, the Emperor, the Prince knows that the only chance of expelling the English invaders is to once again unite China’s cleverest minds to create fantastic weapons. He also realizes that Soling is the one person who could convince her father’s former allies—many who have turned rebel—to once again work for the Empire. He promises to restore her family name if she’ll help him in his cause.

But after the betrayal of her family all those years ago, Soling is unsure if she can trust anyone in the Forbidden City—even if her heart is longing to believe in the engineer with a hidden past who was once meant to be her husband…

Gunpowder Alchemy by Jeannie Lin is a new steampunk romance from InterMix, released November 18, 2014 and available from Amazon.
New in Holiday Regency Romance - A Holiday Gamble by Jane Feather 

From the Blurb:

A viscount stranded on a stormy night. The beautiful heiress who takes him in. Warm up with this delightfully romantic short story set in Regency-era England, from New York Times bestselling author Jane Feather!

Edward Vasey, otherwise known as Viscount Allenton, is journeying precariously through a snowstorm one night when his coach is overtaken by highwaymen. Robbed and stranded, Edward takes refuge at Selby Hall, where he meets a spirited beauty who may steal something more—his heart. As passion flares between them, Edward uncovers a shocking secret that threatens to tear them apart…but will this be enough to chill their steamy love on a cold winter’s eve?

A Holiday Gamble by Jane Feather is a new holiday regency romance from Pocket Star, released November 17 2014 and available from Amazon.
New in Erotic Romance - Callie, Unwrapped by Amy Jo Cousins 

From the Blurb:

The best presents are the ones you unwrap early...

Callie isn't sure just how kinky anyone can get on a Tuesday before Christmas, but she's willing to find out. That is, assuming this first drink at a pool hall with her ex, Gabe, and his girl, Kate, doesn't send anyone screaming from the bar. Newly divorced after years of sleep-walking through occasional sex, she's hoping to find her way back to the fiery confidence of her youth, when she saw what, or who, she wanted and grabbed it with both hands. It's a Callie she barely remembers and that Gabe is convinced is buried somewhere deep inside her still.

But when bystanders speculate about the trio, and Gabe and Kate make surprising demands that she be an active participant in this threesome, and not simply their plaything, Callie discovers that letting herself be sexually confident again is harder than she imagined. She'll need to bare both her body and her heart to find out if she can still reach fearlessly for adventure.

Callie, Unwrapped by Amy Jo Cousins is a new erotic novella, released November 17 2014 and available from Amazon.

Note: Callie, Unwrapped is much more on the erotica side of erotic romance than we normally have on this blog, but it's a sexy and smart m/f/f/... sooooo... why not give it a go? (review is coming soon)

As for the rest of the week:
I just started Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver - the sequel to the YA dystopian novel Delirium, which is one of the best YA dystopian-fics I've read in a while. For the YA readers I also have to recommend The Finishing School Series by Gail Carriger, especially if you love steampunk (or if you haven't discovered you love it yet). The third book in this series, Waistcoats and Weaponry, came out this month and it just keeps getting better and better. I actually like these more than her adult series! I became obsessed with the TV series Selfie, a contemporary adaptation of Pygmalion, then discovered it had been cancelled - TRAVESTY. I started watching Jane the Virgin, a clever comedic drama, which seems pretty great so far. I decided to stop watching the TV adaptation of Constantine because it is terrible. And I'm half way through the audiobook of Skin Game, the 15th book in The Dresden Files Series by Jim Butcher. At this point I'm willing to admit the only reason I'm still listening to this series is because it is narrated by James Marsters... but oh, I do enjoy Spike reading me bedtime stories. (Is that weird?)

What have you read/watched/listened to/eaten this week?

Helena <3